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A powerful package of benefits

For car park owners and operators, People's Parking:

  • Demonstrates recognition by a completely independent scheme run by a parking professional and promoted nationally.
  • Assists compliance with parking industry best practice. 
  • Provides a means to inform users about specific car park features via listings within a key database.
  • Is a cost effective means of promoting the positive features of a car park within a scheme readily understood by the public.
  • Helps avoid Equality Act 2010 claims through a detailed check list covering requirements of disabled people.
  • Recognises cycle parking provision aligned with current government guidelines.
  • Clear signage provided to confirm car park accreditation and features to users.
  • Offers a straightforward accreditation process.

For motorist's and cyclists, People's Parking:

  • Gives confidence that car parks comply with independent national scheme.
  • Offers a simple means to find information about specific car park features - beforehand on-line, or when parking.
  • Enables disabled people to identify car parks they can use with ease.